Our story

“We created this company for one simple reason: we really, really love Norwegian food!”

We love living in Switzerland with its wonderful people, scenic beauty, food – everything about it.

About the only thing it doesn’t have, however, is what we truly crave every day: comfort food from Norway!

From a slice of bread with brunost to authentic fiskekake.

As Norwegian ex-pats, we have a nostalgic yearning for those food specialties we grew up loving. We're thinking of such delights as canned mackerel in tomato sauce and Norwegian milk chocolate.

If you’re a fellow expat, we're sure you have a list of your own!

In fact, when we finally realized that there must be many other transplanted Norwegians who feel the same way, we decided to do something about it. And that, in a nutshell, is how LittleNorway came to be.

Talk about a labor of love!

Besides knowing and savoring many uniquely Norwegian food items, we have a strong background in logistics, marketing and project management, which serves to efficiently get products into the hands of consumers.

And to make this a total family affair, we’re even enlisting our toddler daughter, Chloe, by using her for quality control.

We believe we offer you definite advantages.

While LittleNorway isn’t the only provider in this specialty area, we do surpass others in terms of affordability, prompt deliveries and ample stock-on-hand.

It’s been extremely gratifying when people express their appreciation for being able to get these tastes from back home. We hope you’ll always regard LittleNorway as the easiest, most direct way of getting the specialized food items you crave.

Our vision is to continually expand the range of Norwegian and Scandinavian products that we offer and to give our customers unmatched reliability and readily available products. In other words, kindly check back often to see what’s new!

From our family to you and yours,

As a caring young family, it’s our sincere wish to help our fellow Norwegian expats, now living in Switzerland, feel a little bit more comfortable via the comfort food we supply and that you remember so fondly.

We’d love to hear from you as soon as possible – because we can’t wait to bring you those classic tastes of Norway that belong in your life each and every day!

Olivia, Chloe, Lillie & Christopher